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2009-09-23 14:23:22 by Soldorado

For more Medal Game Walkthroughs check out Wylina!

Boss Tips:

1st Part: Beginning
Just shoot the satanic clown in the face and jump to dodge his punches. IMPORTANT: When the clown destroys the hot dog cart, be sure to grab them for extra health. Clown's punches can one-hit kill the bad guys.

2nd Part: Stairs
Time your jumps to dodge the clowns hits. Do not try to kill minions by yourself. Let the clown do the work while you only grab the weapons. Do not be afraid to get really close to the clown's face, only his punches will hurt you. TIP: When you get a powerful weapon like the grenade launcher or the shotgun, fire in his face like a maniac to kill faster. Don't try to "save" bullets because a minion will only appear until you've finished the bullets of your current weapon.

3rd Part: Boss on top
Wait til the clown breaks a hole in the ceiling so you can get up there and show him what you're made of. It is easier to dodge his attacks because he will only throw punches through the holes he's opened. When he attacks with flamethrower just double jump to the ceiling until he has finished.

4th Part: A helpful pole
The clown will attack depending on your position. If you're clinged to the ceiling pole, he will throw a punch at you. If you're on the floor he will flame burn your ass. It is easier to dodge the flames, so I recommend that when a minion comes out try to remain on the floor, so when the clown flamethrows, jump and grab the pole while the minion gets burned and loses it's weapon. It is then when you can go down, grab the weapon the minion dropped and shoot your bullets off.

5th Part: A nailhead mini-boss?
As always use the boss's attacks to kill minions. Make sure when Nailhead clicks on his shotgun to be on the floor with a minion between you and Nailhead and jump to dodge. You pick up minion's weapon (and shoot Nailhead obviously). Time it in a way that when Nailhead is ready to shoot, you're on the far left end of the room with a minion in between. Don't get too close to Nailhead though, or he'll send you flying.

6th Part: Why did he become smaller?
Clown is now smaller. He throws punches consecutively. They're quite easy to dodge is you do the following. If he's facing you, run to the other side from where he is when he is about to attack and then shoot him in the back. Repeat until the fucker's throws you to the next screen. Careful because he might throw fireballs at you. EDIT: IF YOU STILL HAVE THE CHAINSAW AT THIS POINT YOU CAN SPAM ATTACK HIM. DOUBLE JUMP AND ATTACK DOWNWARDS WITH THE CHAINSAW AND HE WONT BE ABLE TO HURT YOU WITH HIS PUNCHES. LAND ON THE FLOOR WHEN HE IS ABOUT TO FLAMETHROW TO NOT GET HURT!

7th Part: Clown is so stupid he got stuck in the hole!
The clown is now stuck! And he only throws fireballs at you. Do not jump! They are easier to dodge while on the ground! Fireball's range goes as far as you can go. Make sure to time your movements correctly so you can use this for your advantage when killing minions.

FACERAPE (10 Points):
In the next room from where you got the chainsaw DO NOT JUMP THE LEDGE rather wait a little so that the Nailhead Mini-boss you didn't finished killing before appears. It is essential that you have the chainsaw with you... Fucking Facerape him!!! :D

A WINNER IS YOU (25 Points):
Simply beat the game.

PACIFIST (25 Points):
When you finally defeat the satanic looking clown, he will be crawling. For this medal simply DO NOT SHOOT the bastard and let him crawl his way to freedom. Forgiving is hard, I know...

TRUE FACE OF EVIL (25 Points):
When you finally defeat the satanic looking clown, he will be crawling. For this medal you DO NOT HAVE TO SHOOT HIM. You have to punch him once in the face for him to drop his mask. If you currently have a weapon (and since Tom didn't add a "throw weapon" button) shoot out all the bullets left in another direction, preferrably against the wall, until Hank automatically drops the weapon. By the way, when the clown's mask is off, you just need one more punch to get a bloodbath. :D

This medal has been added recently! Defeat the game in Madness Mode which you unlock by beating the game! Be careful: Enemies can pick up weapons even after you've knocked them down, and they will shoot more often and accurately than in Normal Mode.

All in all, impressive artwork and animation thanks to the Power of Three Event. All credits go to TomFulp, Mindchamber and Krinkels and all respective audio authors.


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2009-09-24 00:50:01

remember this quote? "YOU CANT KILL CLOWN, CLOWN KILL YOU!"

Soldorado responds:

Thank God it doesnt apply to the game...


2009-09-24 03:27:43

Hey thanks alot for the "True face of evil" one. That's the only one I had left after beating it three times.

Soldorado responds:

No problemo Nintendo


2009-09-26 18:24:55

The game is hard.

Soldorado responds:

You're not much of a gamer, are you? In fact, Tom's gonna do some upgrades, when he comes back from drinking, that'll make the game EVEN EASIER!... You seriously can't complain...


2009-10-03 09:34:00

At the two fallen buildings, I usually get a shotgun (since it takes 2 shots to kill a bad guy)
Then at the staircase I get 2 more shotgun ammo from the two shotguns that are at the stairs, and when the boss comes I shotgun him like crazy, and when he finishes coming down the stairs it immediately grants me access to the elevator.

Some times it even lets me access to the pole room because I did so much damage to him.

Soldorado responds:

Shotgun KICKS ASS! I'd say it's even better than grenade launcher... What you did is not possible on Madness Mode though... Too much enemy health...


2009-10-10 16:03:27

thanks for the walkthrough really heled me...i was to end madness mode and the final battle the soldiers kill me.......damn


2009-11-17 01:19:31

Thanks for telling me how to get the facepape medal. I tryed to figure that out with some elses walkthrough guide and it didnt work.


2010-01-25 11:49:29

the game its not hard. i got all medals.but only 5 medals?

Soldorado responds:

I didn't make the game, lol


2010-01-25 11:50:37

and why the game its got only 5 medals?

Soldorado responds:

I don't fucking know! Quit your bitchin'!


2010-02-01 14:24:13

Dude thanks so much u hav relly helped me i wont forget it [ well maby after 2-3 days]

Soldorado responds:

Dude, glad I helped, and I don't care if you forgot 5 seconds after it helped you


2010-02-05 12:22:16

thanks for facerape

Soldorado responds:

Your welcome, faceraped


2010-03-24 11:45:01



2010-06-16 23:05:17



2010-08-23 12:24:34

Thanks for your Walkthrough soldorado
you are Awesome! :D


2011-04-17 16:23:15

ty for the info XD


2013-01-24 20:58:16

thanks fo the info and the tricky has funny face when reach the final